Buddha in Ananda Temple in Bagan (Myanmar/Burma)

2007 February 6 at 12:16 am (Myanmar (Burma), Photostory)

Photo taken 2006-12-01, (dec 1st) at Ananda Temple in Bagan, ??? State, Myanmar (Burma)

Buddha in Ananda Temple in Bagan (Myanmar/Burma)

Bagan is a historic town in Myanmar (Burma) witch is famous for a overwhelming number of temples, stupas and other religious buildings from the past. Read the rest of this entry »


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Young (leg-rowing) fisherman at the Inle Lake

2007 February 2 at 12:10 am (Myanmar (Burma), Photostory)

Photo taken 2006-12-03, (dec 3rd) at the Inle Lake, Shan State, Myanmar (Burma)

Young (leg-rowing) fisherman at the Inle Lake

On this day I and a fellow Australian traveller was on a boat-tour on Inle Lake in the Shan State in Myanmar. We paid 10 usd for a whole day of boating and sightseeing on and around the lake, – from morning till after sundown. This photo I took on the start of our way back over the lake, and I got this shot of very young leg-rowing fisherman doing his laft fishing for the day…. TheFull-Moon is already up behind the young fisherman, and will within an hour be the only light for the boy in the boat. Inle Lake are especially famous for this special leg-rowing technique the fisherman use from their small boats – trying to get both their arms avalable for handeling the fishernets, or fisherbaskets…

The fishermen are general well aware of their attaction for the tourists, and often start padling with their legs then they see tourists are closing in on them, without demanding any money for their “modelling”.

Inle Lake has lots of interesting spots for tourists/travellers, and are highly recommended. Also is the nature at, and around this lake beautiful.

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egil viking


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My plans fo this blog

2007 February 1 at 11:33 pm (back home)

I plan to write a little every day I feel I hva some free minutes enougth…and I plan to pick a photo out of my “portefolio” from my travel, and write about it…  It said that a photo tells more than 1000 words,  , but many of my photoes will tell me a lot more than you, as there might be a story around/behind it…

So I will try to post a photo at the time,  and then tell (a little about) the story….

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Welcome to my wordpress blog

2007 January 31 at 7:23 pm (back home)

Hi , my name is Egil, and I just finnish a 4 months journey in Asia less than 22 hours ago, – and on this blog I like to tell any- and everyone a little about my journey… my real travelsite is on www.meihack.org, but I will have some more smllstories here on wordpress, and later publizice longer and more general stories on www.meihack.org….

Testing Backpacks in september 2006

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